5 Tips To Become A Successful Wedding DJ

A wedding is the most expensive event paid for by the family of the bride and groom. Sometimes the bride and groom themselves have to pay for it, but one thing is common, it is to be perfect! To DJ a wedding requires great time management skills and specific song selections for certain moments during the ceremony. Below are the five equipment and strategies you will need to implement as a DJ to perform a successful, one-of-a-kind, wedding. This list does not include the obvious, your turntables, CDjs, or midi controller. Whatever you use to play music.

  1. Wireless microphone system.
    1. This is the most important piece of equipment that you need to have next to your setup.
    2. I have done many weddings to know that there will be a moment when the family members want to give a speech of some kind, or a toast. Whatever the matter, investing in this type of mic will go a long way, trust me! Be sure to have at least 2 microphones with the system, one is just simply not enough.
  2. A sheet of paper with specific songs to play during certain moments.
    1. Please don’t be lazy and improvise this on the fly at the wedding. Take time and write this down, even if it is on your mobile device.
    2. Have songs to pick from, labeled in specific folders, so that during the ceremony you won’t have a moment of panic.
    3. The bride and/or groom will almost always have songs picked out to play during certain times at the ceremony.
    4. A quick tip: Ask the bride and groom what their favorite genre of music is and make sure to have plenty of those types of songs on deck.
  3. Portable Stage.
    1. If you cannot afford one right now, look into renting one.
    2. This will make you look 100 times more professional.
    3. If the venue has one already, then you are all set.
  4. Dance-floor lighting and effects.
    1. Lights, light, lights!
    2. It is very important and crucial to have lights and some-type of an effects generator or at-least a big fog machine.
    3. Lights make the party. They set the mood for the audience to get into the dancing spirit. It will also add glamour and sparkle to the wedding, which is a huge plus for you.
  5. Hire an MC.
    1. You can host the wedding yourself, but hiring a person just for the job will make your life a lot easier.
    2. The MC should be a very good communicator.
    3. He or she will have to engage the wedding crowd in dancing and activities.
      1. There are a lot of games to play at weddings. Stay tuned for my next blog, as I will go over them.
    4. Talk to your friends and ask them to do it. You’ll be surprised how many people will be willing to do that for little to no cost.
    5. If they have experience, then you can compensate them for their time.


That’s pretty much it folks. Easy as that. Invest in the equipment above and you are sure to knock out your competition. Stay tuned for my next blog about activities and games to get wedding crowds more involved.

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